Quality you can Taste

What we do makes us different

Most seafood suppliers claim to have sustainable and environmentally responsible sources of supply. Most suppliers also aggregate their products from a broad array of sources and rely on third-party certifications for compliance with industry standards. At Blue Earth Foods, we do things differently.

In addition to following the most discriminating industry standards, we actually put our own people on the ground at the source of supply to help ensure that stringent quality standards are in place, proper feed regimes are followed, no adverse contaminants are used in production, proper harvesting techniques are implemented, environmental conditions are respected and social concerns addressed. In short we don't rely on others to ensure the safety, quality and ethical standards of the food we sell. We do it ourselves and we do it by being there on the ground, at the point of origin, where your food is grown.

Not only do we know where your food comes from and how it was raised, we employ full traceability and tracking systems to ensure that all ingredients arrive at our manufacturing facilities in optimal condition. Quality ingredients result in quality food, and keeping ingredients fresh throughout the entire supply chain is a critical component of providing our customers with the finest final product.

The only ingredient we never leave out, regardless of the product’s price point, is ‘Quality’